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  • This provides the potential volunteer an understanding of what exactly you do
    If no, please email a copy of these insurances to cvs@centacaregeraldton.org.au. We cannot refer volunteers to organisations that do not have these types of insurance cover.
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    Please provide us with details of your available volunteer position below
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  • Taking into account your Insurance coverage, tasks required, clients etc
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    Please provide details on what checks are required from prospective volunteers to enable them to apply for this role
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    CVS supports universal access to volunteering, Please consider the requirements for this role and assess the suitability of potential volunteers
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    I authorise Centacare Volunteer Service to promote my organisation and available volunteers position/s via their database and subsequent volunteer search engines in order to recruit and refer suitable volunteers to my organisation. I also give consent to my details being entered into their database to be used for volunteering recruitment purposes.