Letting Us Know

Centacare Family Services values feedback from our clients, be that positive or negative. Should you have a complaint or concern relating to our service there are two ways to let us know:

  1. Email admin@centacaregeraldton.org.au with a broad outline of your concerns along with your contact information.
  2. In person at any Centacare office you may request, complete, and submit, a comment/complaint form. Our staff will be able to assist you in completing the form if required.

Irrespective of how you make us aware of your concerns, on receiving the information a member of our management team will make contact with you to discuss the next steps in the complaints process.

The Complaint Investigation Process

Whilst each situation is different, the following is the process a complaint will generally follow within Centacare:

  1. Client complaint received.
  2. A member of the management team will contact the client to discuss the complaint, and gain further information and understanding of the circumstances.
  3. An appropriate member of the management team is assigned to investigate the circumstances surrounding the complaint.
  4. The results of the investigation are given to the ‘decision maker’. This is generally a member of the senior management team at Centacare.
  5. The decision maker will decide on an outcome, or course of action, relating to the complaint.
  6. The client is contacted and the outcome is discussed with them.
  7. Should the client be unhappy with the outcome, they may escalate the matter to the Centacare CEO.

In some instances, complaints may need to be referred to external agencies or bodies. If this is required, Centacare will inform you.