Client Feedback


“As a new client, I was a bit sceptical that counselling was needed. Came out It was amazing and glad I came.”

“Thanks for seeing my son. He came out with a gorgeous happy smile on his face. Thank you.”

“I enjoy my sessions with my Counsellor.  She makes me feel relaxed enough to talk about anything. She is like talking to a really good girlfriend.”

Counsellor is great, gives some really helpful tips and ideas to take home.”

Financial Assistance

Centacare does a great job, had unexpected cost for school and if couldn’t come here I wouldn’t have bread for a week.”

“Very happy with school packs, everything I need. Centacare is amazing and is always there for me. Without us we wouldn’t have got through our time in need.”

“All the staff are kind and it is a very calming atmosphere coming to Centacare. Emergency Relief has helped to lift a great weight off my shoulders.”

“Back to School Project – really appreciate the help.”

Children’s Contact Service

“Child Contact Service is an absolute godsend.”

“Child Contact Service is a great help, takes a lot of stress off me and is better for the children.”

“The service was outstanding and met every expectation with our current situation.”

“Your service has provided me the headspace I have needed.”

Family Relationship Centre

“Things are going great, much better than expected. A big thank you to all those involved, I couldn’t have wished for a better outcome.”

“I think very differently now, I wish I had used your service sooner.”

“Family Relationship Centre gave me great support and were very understanding of my situation.”

“You are wonderful, you guys are really good at your job, you helped heaps.”

Victim Support Service

“Without the assistance of Victim Support Service for a trial the previous week, I would not have gone ahead.”

Grief and Loss

“Grief & Loss Program made a huge impact on his life.”

Marriage Preparation

“We came kicking and screaming but we’re so glad we came we learnt a lot.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the Marriage Preparation Day, it was exceptionally beneficial, wonderful day, thanks to the delightful couples and speakers who shared their stories.”

Christmas Lunch

“Senior Citizens who attended the Christmas lunch expressed thanks and gratitude, it was most enjoyable.”

Volunteer Service

“I love my new volunteer position. It is perfect; it has made such a difference to my life.”

Service & General Feedback

“When making initial appointment, office staff were very kind and welcoming.”

“Thanks for ringing and reminding us all the time, it’s a great little service you do”

“I love coming here, everyone I have met has helped me.”

“Thank God for Centacare, great staff on the job whenever needed, both reception and professional.  I feel these services are a necessity in today’s society.”

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