Children’s Contact Service

Children’s Contact Service


Enabling children of separated parents to have safe contact with the parent they do not live with.

A neutral service that is designed to assist families who are concerned about the impact of ongoing arguments and stressful behaviours may be having on their children. CCS provides a safe, secure and child focused environment in which children can continue to have a relationship with a parent or family member they do not live with.


Where separated parents are experiencing high levels of conflict, Children’s Contact Service ensures the safe transfer of children from one parent to another and manages supervised visits so that each parent can spend time with their children. CCS assists families with changeovers, supervised and unsupervised visits.

Changeovers: sometimes the hand over and hand back (changeover) of children between their parents can be uncomfortable. To assist parents who prefer not to meet face to face, CCS has Family Support Workers to facilitate or supervise the changeover. CCS offer separate entrances , separate waiting areas, and separate arrival times.

Supervised Visits: Supervised visits can be requested for a variety of reasons. Our supervised visit service fosters a safe and positive interaction between parents and their children with assisting them to strengthen their relationship. We oversee visitations between a parent and child through the use of our child focused location. CCS provide professionally trained , friendly and child focus staff (Family Support workers), secure and comfortable centre with toys and games (and access to a contained playground). Family Support workers oversee the activities and communication that takes place and ensure the child can maintain a safe and positive relationship with their parent.

Unsupervised or Low supervised visits: CCS provide their secure and comfortable room for the parent and child. There is a Family Support worker on site in the building but not always present in the contact room.


Help children from separated families establish or maintain a relationship with the parent they do not live with.

This service is designed to assist separated families who are concerned about the impact ongoing and stressful behaviours may have on their children. This service assists children to maintain a relationship with the parent they do not live with and with other family members.


Each party arrives and leaves at staggered times by separate entry and exits. Supervisors facilitate transfer of children from one parent to another. Both parents are required to register with CCS. CCS will then conduct individual assessments with each party to assess suitability and safety.

Before the commencement of supervised visits or changeovers, the children and parents are invited to the centre for orientation.


The Children’s Contact Service (CCS) can offer Supervised Visits and Changeovers for a short period of time, or for as long as needed or required by the Family Court.

The children’s contact service can offer low supervised visits and unsupervised visits in some circumstances. This is where the visits occur at the CCS and the staff are not present in the contact room but nearby in the same building.

Where necessary, the court can direct you to Children’s Contact Service for supervised visits.

Fees range between $10 and $80 depending on income and any court orders regarding the contribution of each party. Our fees are kept low cost and charged according to individual income. Special arrangement are possible for those in hardship.


This programme is funded by the Commonwealth Attorney General’s Office and the Department of Social Services.