Page Headers

The subheader section are of all secondary pages on the Centacare website has a unique design incorporating the page title and a background image.

There are some simple steps which can be followed in order to achieve this layout.  Rather than creating a new page, we can duplicate a current page. By doing this we can keep the visual design of all pages consistent.

  1. Log into WordPress and navigate to a page that you’d like to duplicate
  2. At the top of the page you’ll see and option to “Copy to a new Draft”. Click this link.
  3. After clicking the link, your new page will open in the WordPress Editor.

    1. Add your new Page Title
    2. Ad your new Page Content
    3. Click the edit icon to update the header image

  4. In the Popup box, click “Remove Upload” to remove the current image, and add your new header image. Your new image will need to be cropped to size to ensure a consistent result. The header image size should be 1920 x 591 pixels.
  5. Click the edit icon in the blue column section to update the Page Title. (This is the white text that will appear in over the background image)
  6. In the popup box, update the page title and leave any other code inn place.
  7. To finish, click the “Publish” button.