About Us

Centacare Family Services is dedicated to our belief that All People Matter.


Centacare Family Services Geraldton was established in 1986 by the Bishop of Geraldton. Aware of the fundamental dignity of the person, Centacare acts as the official welfare arm of the Church in the Diocese of Geraldton by providing professional, pastoral and community care to families and individuals.

Centacare Family Services is committed to providing services which consistently meet the needs and expectations of our community. Over the years, Centacare’s services have expanded from Geraldton to Exmouth, Carnarvon, Mount Magnet and other towns in the region.


Our Promise

In line with our values, our services are open to people from all backgrounds, faiths, cultural groups, genders, and sexual orienatation

We help all who need our support.

Mission Statement

Centacare Family Services offers relationship and community services to individual, couples and families.

As a Catholic agency we provide professional assistance in a manner which promotes human dignity and enhances growth and wellbeing.



In order to enact Centacare’s Mission Statement, we are committed to the following values.

Service – Guided by Christ’s example, we serve all those who reach out for help.

Compassion – We are committed to listening, to understanding and assisting in the best way possible.

Justice – We provide a service that is non-judgmental, promotes equality and respects cultural differences.

Excellence – We promote excellence in services and programmes through staff who are committed to working as a team and to pursuing ongoing professional development.


Principles of Service

Our clients have a right to:

  • Be treated with respect at all times
  • Confidentiality
  • Information about Centacare’s policies, procedures and objectives
  • Voice queries, concerns and complaints through Centacare’s Complaint Policy
  • Participate in evaluation of services received
  • Be attended to as soon as possible
  • Professional attitudes that endorse client physical and psychological safety
  • A smoke free environment

Our clients have a responsibility to:

  • Treat all persons in Centacare’s premises with respect
  • Give advance notice when changing appointments
  • Be punctual for appointments
  • Attend appointments free of the influence of alcohol and other drugs
  • Take care of furniture and equipment within the premises
  • Ensure the building and surrounding area are smoke-free

We're here to help

Contact our qualified team for a confidential
consultation about your situation.
We'll advise how Centacare can help and
if we can’t, we’ll refer you to a suitable
professional or organisation that can.

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