Introduction to Volunteering

Congratulations on taking steps in understanding more about what it is to be an effective volunteer! Learning about volunteering is easy with our handbook and online quiz.

1 Download and read our comprehensive training handbook: Introduction to Volunteering.

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Introduction into Volunteering Quiz

Please take your time in completing this short quiz. There is only 1 correct answer per question. Once completed, your results will be emailed to us. You will receive a Certificate of Completion if you have reached over 85% correct.

Formal volunteering takes place in
Informal volunteering is when volunteering occurs
Formal Volunteering is
People volunteer to
Who benefits from volunteering?
Volunteer Involving Organisations have a responsibility to
Volunteers have a right to
Volunteers have a responsibility to
The National Standards represent what Volunteering Australia considers as “best practice” in the management of volunteers. How many standards are there?
As a volunteer, you should expect to be provided with
When applying for a volunteer role you may
What sort of policies should volunteers adhere to?
What would be a breach of confidentiality?
Volunteer involving organisations should ensure the health and safety of all volunteers. To do this, organisations could:
There are some steps a volunteer can take to solve problems they may have when dealing with conflict and grievance in the workplace. These can include:
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