Volunteer Position Description Form

Volunteer Position Description Form

This form is to be used by existing members of Centacare Volunteer Service when they wish to register a new Volunteer Position with us. A well written and clear Position Description is crucial for the successful recruitment of the right individual. Written descriptions: • give more information to the volunteer than is possible to convey at an interview • allow you to show where the volunteer’s work fits in with the work of the organisation • offer a list of tasks so the volunteer can compare these with their skills and expectations • describe the intended outcome of the work • help others understand how the voluntary role applies to their own. A role description should include: • title of role • objective(s) of role • a broad outline of tasks and activities to be undertaken If you have any problems with completing this or wish to speak with CVS staff about properly defining your roles, please call us on 99211433. Thank you. Kristy Geyson Melissa Wharekawa Volunteer Service Staff
  • Organisation Profile

  • This provides the potential volunteer an understanding of what exactly you do
    If no, please email a copy of these insurances to cvs@centacaregeraldton.org.au. We cannot refer volunteers to organisations that do not have these types of insurance cover.
  • Volunteer Position Description

    Please provide us with details of your available volunteer position below
  • Include a description of the benefits for the volunteer and the organisation
  • Include any qualifications, experience and/or skills required to complete this role
  • Taking into account your Insurance coverage, tasks required, clients etc
  • Days/Times Required

  • Licences and Checks Required

    Please provide details on what checks are required from prospective volunteers to enable them to apply for this role
  • Access to Volunteering

    CVS supports universal access to volunteering, Please consider the requirements for this role and assess the suitability of potential volunteers
  • Authorisation

    I authorise Centacare Volunteer Service to promote my organisation and available volunteers position/s via their database and subsequent volunteer search engines in order to recruit and refer suitable volunteers to my organisation. I also give consent to my details being entered into their database to be used for volunteering recruitment purposes.