Unique opportunity to engage young people in your community organisation!

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Centacare Volunteer Service will be partnering with Nagle Catholic College once again to assist them with their Year 9 DARE TO CARE Service days. This years’ service days will be from Monday 25th June – Thursday 28th June 2018.

Volunteering provides a unique opportunity for students during their time at school to make a difference to their local community, as well as developing new found skills.

We believe that we must actively promote, encourage and facilitate young people into positive volunteering experiences that will embed the value of service into their lives. Research tells us that if young people have a community of volunteering around them – parents, school teams, community organisations – they are more likely to volunteer now and into the future.

We are currently seeking suitable projects/tasks that your community group/organisation would consider suitable for a group of Year 9 students to complete. As in past years, all groups of students are supervised by either a teacher or staff member. This year, Nagle are especially interested in activities that are environmentally focused, but are not limited to that area.

They are hoping to engage in activities that can be done over a day (9.30am – 2.30pm). Activities over more than 1 day are very welcome also. Each group of 12 students will be allocated to a community project each day.

For those of you who have been included in this exciting week for the students in the past, you will know that the students are willing and able to perform most roles and do so with a smile.

They can paint, garden, clear yards, clean, assist the elderly, help with meals or any other suitable job that you may require.

We have confirmed that Nagle Catholic College has in place insurance that covers injury to or by students, as well as public liability insurance.

The Expression of Interest form can be found below.  Please note that by submitting this form, it does not guarantee your activity will be approved.

For your activity to be submitted for consideration, we require completed forms to be submitted by Friday 15th June 2018 please.

We will be forwarding all completed Expressions of Interest to Nagle Catholic College for their consideration. You will be advised in writing, if your activity has or has not been approved in writing by Friday 15th June 2018.

2018 Nagle Catholic College DARE TO CARE Clar Solais Service Expression of Interest

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form to submit your activity for Year 9 students to engage in during their 2018 Clar Solais Service Week! This information is critical so that projects are completed, students are engaged and most importantly, see the value of their impact. If not enough information is given the outcome will be disappointing for all concerned. Please ensure that enough time is allocated for the project to be finished and that all tools/resources are either supplied or requested.
  • Community Group Details

  • Project details

    Nagle Catholic College will be looking at sending out groups of approx 12 students over 4 days. Please select your preferred day/s in which you will be able to provide the students tasks to complete over a full day.
  • Confirmation

    You understand that by submitting this form it does not guarantee your activity will be approved. For your submission to be considered, we require completed forms by Friday 1 June 2018. We will be forwarding all Expressions of Interest to Nagle Catholic College for their consideration. You will be informed by either email or phone whether your activity has been approved or not by Friday 15 June 2018. By selecting this box you agree to the above.