Kristy Jackson

Kristy Jackson

kristy Volunteer Stories

We have recently had the opportunity to assist Kristy into a new Volunteer role. We thought we would get a new perspective from someone relatively new to volunteering.

1 What motivated you to find a volunteering position?

Wanting to help the community and do some hours away from the usual house hold chores and everyday living.

2. What do you hope to gain from your volunteering experience?

To meet new people and have a great time and also to learn new things.

3. Where are you volunteering and why did you choose the position you chose?

I am working at Geraldton Menshed as Secretary. I chose this because I am familiar in the position as I was working in admin.

4. Is there any advice you would give to someone who would like to volunteer but is unsure of the process?

Take the time and go see Centacare, its always optional.

5. What can you see are the benefits of volunteering for a volunteer?

A happier lifestyle and they always appreciate the time and effort we put in it.


Well Done to Kristy for taking the steps to look into what Volunteering opportunities are available. Kristy was very proactive in gaining a suitable role. Within a day after she was in here expressing her interest, she was at the Menshed!