Jason White

Meet Jason White

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This month we interviewed the 2013 Volunteer of the Year, Jason White.

How long have you been volunteering for?
“I have been at S.T.A.Y as a formal volunteer for approx. 18 months. Before that I volunteered informally for different clubs and friends and family.”

Where are you currently volunteering?
“I am currently volunteering at S.T.A.Y (Short Term Accommodation for Youth).”

Please describe your volunteer role.
“My role includes gardening, general maintenance and any odd jobs I can find.”

What do you enjoy about your volunteering?
“I enjoy being of assistance to others. Especially here at S.T.A.Y, where they have helped me out in the past. I enjoy doing something I love, being able to talk to clients and young people and possibly making a difference in a young persons’ life by sharing my experiences and giving advice.”

What is your most memorable volunteering experience and why?
“I love just “giving back”, making a difference and seeing the positive changes I can make in a young persons’ life. Volunteering has helped me become empathetic to others and thinking of other peoples feelings. Until I started doing things for others and seeing a difference, I didn’t really think about other peoples’ welfare, but now I do.
I don’t volunteer to get accolades, but winning the Volunteer Award last year was a real bonus and I feel proud of myself.”

If you were to describe volunteering to someone that hasn’t volunteered before, what would you say?
“By volunteering, you become less self-absorbed and you feel part of the community. Just try it!”

Thank you Jason!

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