Community Members’ Testimonials

kristy Volunteer Stories

‘I feel that they accept me for who I am and what I am doing. They value my work, but above all accept me and what I can offer them. As a person with a disability this is rare’.

‘Volunteer work has helped me fit into the community, feel that I belonged, helped filled a void, make friends and know that I was doing a worthwhile job in helping the community’.

‘I have met a wide cross section of people and I have come to understand why people are different and how communities can work together to make everyone’s life better’.

‘I have the opportunity to interact, learn from and assist an older person in our community I would not have met otherwise’.

‘I volunteer because I see a need and am proud of what I do and achieve within the community…Learning and growing in the volunteering role is not the point. It is not a career, it is just what you do’.

‘Volunteering to help restore and conserve local bush land has shown that I care about my neighbourhood. I feel part of it and I am keen to work cooperatively with other concerned neighbours and my local council to make positive changes to our environment’.

‘I feel I am more committed to my community and what happens’.

‘Volunteering improves life for the town and has made my life better as an overall consequence’.